Let me start from the beginning..Well it’s more like the middle, but here we go!

I am 4 and ½  months into an unexpected weight loss journey. So why now? Why start blogging about it now? I say now because I have realized that I have much to say on the issue AND because  it falls under the umbrella of how being underemployed has slowly begun to change my life for the better in all aspects but one (more on that and defining the term “underemployed” for those who may not be in the know in a later post). I say now because I’m tired of answering the same dumb questions and just figured I could answer them all and any new ones as they come along in one place as well as spread the message how being underemployed may just be the best thing for some right now; you may not know it, but perhaps the universe is trying to tell you something…

Whenever people I’ve known for years or even people who I barely know figure out that every time they see me I happen to be shrinking in size, the weight loss questions begin. 99.9% of the time the very first thing people ask is “how often do you go to the gym/exercise?” The answer is not very often. I aim to exercise 1-2 times a week, more if I know I’m planning to indulge, which is another rare thing for me to do. I can honestly say that this is why myfitnesspal has been such an important tool. According to the New York Times, multiple studies have confirmed that weight loss is more about what you do/don’t eat than how often you exercise. I have managed to eat a 1200 calorie diet, exercise a few times a week, still eat the foods that I still love (some stuff just grosses me out now, like diner style breakfast- I can’t hang) AND lose weight.

I’ll be honest; the first couple of months I relied heavily on Jenny Craig; I am still an annual member, and show up at least once a month to weigh in. It is here where I finally was able to put into practice what I knew was right all along, but just didn’t know how to start.  How I eat, what I eat and when I eat is all modeled after the program and explains why to this day I am still losing weight even after my 20lb weight loss trial with Jenny has ended.

I’ll go ahead and tell you I’m 5’2 and my starting weight was 175- wayyy to big for someone of my stature. I currently weigh in at 146 and my goal is get to at least 135, which is the threshold for which the medical community will no longer consider me overweight.

Motivations for losing the weight? I’m sure that will come up here in due time. Right now my goal is to give you a snap shot of me as well as tell you if you don’t have a myfitnesspal account, GO MAKE ONE NOW, AND START USING IT! It will definitely help you see how you can start making changes in the now.

Until next time!

FYI- I’m willing to friend any one on myfitnesspal that needs help in getting started!.facebook_-242137682