Tell me more about “underemployment”



(of a person) not having enough paid work or not doing work that makes full use of their skills and abilities.nderemployed.

DISCLAIMER: I am lucky enough to be married to an amazing man who happens to be a full time teacher who is supportive of me working part time. I am grateful for this and without a doubt realize this is not the case for everyone i.e. embracing underemployment may not be possible. But for me it is.  I also don’t have any human children, just one needy little fur baby. So for now, our humble lifestyle of just the 2.5 of us in Los Angeles county will be just fine.

Taking a break from weight loss things to talk about career stuff!

So to sum things up… I graduated with my MLIS in December of 2014. I promptly landed a full time 6 month TEMPORARY position; I was very happy with it and cried when it was over with. I didn’t know if there would ever be a permanent place for me in this library that I loved, so naturally, I moved on. I wasted time in an on-call like position, working at most, about 8 hours a week. I interviewed relentlessly with major library systems. I have lists upon lists of the number of jobs that I applied to. I had a knack for making it all the way to the final interview, the magical third interview, only to be told “no” every. Single. Time. By now at least 6 months had gone by since I was “forcibly” removed from the job I loved and the supervisor there loved me so much, she invited me back for another temporary position in the same department that carried more responsibility. I was over the moon. And that was when disaster struck. A disaster in disguise that it is. A school district I had applied with a long time ago was offering me a full time position because their initial choice that had been there awhile suddenly was dust in the wind. What’s that you say? A permanent full time job, you say? Medical and dental benefits you say? Bye place I love, I’m going to go here now. Oh what a HUGE mistake that was.

Things were fine, initially. Then I quickly began to realize why the person before me had departed so suddenly. The person I was charged with working side by side with, In an isolated  bungalow was bat shit crazy. Need me to repeat that? She was crazy. It all went down on the first day of school where she snapped at me proclaiming that I didn’t deserve the job, I was taking it from someone who really needed it, that I wasn’t a good worker, that I lied in my interview and am a liar overall, and so on and so forth. How did I respond? I cried. The realization that I threw everything away in a place where I was happy for this bull crap. I left. I never came back. Wrote a letter to the principal. Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m screwed. I went “on call” for another month or so before I gave in and signed up with a temp agency and accepted a temporary assignment for a position that I interviewed for exactly a year prior but was told “no.” OH THE IRONY!! I did that for 4 months and it was easy money. But it was the instability of not having permanent work is what made me nervous every day. At that point, I didn’t care if I was part time or not, as long as it was steady work, a guaranteed 20 hours a week , a regular schedule, no more bull crap. Then the clouds parted, and a miracle happened.

The library that I loved had an opening! It was part time and in a completely different department than the one I had worked in twice beforehand. But it was home, and commuting was also close to my actual home. (Unlike the school job, this had me commuting on the freeway 30 minutes each way). And the person running this other department was a former co-worker from the former department that we both used to work for (a mouthful, I know). The job was pretty much mine as soon as I picked up the phone and said “yes, I would love to interview with you”.

So that’s how I ended up here, pretty much right back where I started and as a part timer.  As mentioned, I’m lucky and I know it. I know that because of the husband that I have that allows me a lifestyle that only includes 20 hours of mandatory work. The same day I started work at my favorite place for the third time was the same day I started my weight loss journey. Enough was enough I decided. This time I had to do something and it had to work.  I wanted to actually use my the free time I had to focus on health and happiness. So that’s what I’m doing.


I do have a butt load of student loans. Tens of thousands of dollars. That’s the only major downside to my lifestyle. The loans aren’t going anywhere. They will definitely stay in place until I win the lottery. I see no other way in which they will disappear.


Until next time!

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