Goals to keep in mind going into the weekend…



I think Friday posts will and SHOULD be relatively short because yay weekend, right? Today is a Friday off  from work which means 3 things for me:

  1. It’s payday
  2. It’s chore day
  3. I have work on Saturday =( [Not a problem, thankful for a job]!

I’m sitting on the couch (partaking in cheezy cozy murder mysteries, my favorite!) after having spent the day cleaning my entire apartment; gearing up for a meal with my hubby, followed by gym time and some sleep,  because I will have a full 8 hour work day ahead of me  tomorrow.

Next week will also be busier than usual. But I’m looking forward to all of it because I am steadfast in my goal of continuing to make the best choices, track with myfitnesspal  and just be the happiest I can be.

My username on myfitness pal is falloutgirl288, if anyone is looking to add!

Wishing everyone a pleasant weekend

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