How Netflix Can Encourage Weight Loss

netflix documentaries

So I felt the urge to watch some stuff about healthy eating over last weekend and it got me thinking about how Netflix and other shows and even specific TV channels can be a go-to source for some much needed inspiration to keep at it with a healthy routine. For example, while flipping around the regular channels (i.e. the non- cable, the channels anyone can get so as long as you have a tv + antenna), I came across channel 7.2 which is called the “LivWell” network. I sat through a couple of episodes of the show “recipe rehab” and was intrigued. The premise of the show is for chefs to help families recreate their favorite meals with healthier substitutes to boost nutritional value and have less calories and all that other bad stuff (fat, cholesterol, etc). I found this channel to be like (a healthier version of) the food network, HGTV & the Travel Channel all rolled into one; this channel plus the Doctor Oz show on Fox are great examples of *free* content that can help you on the road to becoming a better “you.”

For those that subscribe to Netflix, there is a host of documentaries that revolve around healthy eating and how the food industry in general is willing and allowed to do anything to get you addicted to junk. This past weekend we watched the documentary “Hungry for Change.” For my husband and me, it pretty much reinforced a lot of things that we already knew. However, if you are new to the weight loss/ health game, this documentary is a great starting point for explanation of the physiological and psychological elements of weight loss; it will help explain how as a society we all ended up here. “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” as well as its sequel staring Joe Cross is highly recommended as well as the classic “Supersize Me” with Morgan Spurlock. Seeing Joe inspired me to re-attempt a juicing cleanse soon. My husband was very successful with juicing, as it helped jump start his 60lb weight loss prior to our wedding. I on the other hand couldn’t hang. But now that I have lost 30lbs on my own, I feel like taking another stab at it. I plan to do it the lazy way though and purchase the juices from our local juicery which means it will take a few weeks to save the money on the side to be able to do it; but when I do, I’m sure I’ll have much to complain about daily when I do.

Until next time!

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