A Summer of Choices for some (me) and Not for all (everyone else)

In my opinion, the hardest part about losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle is that not everyone is on board. In no way do I want to discount my husband, because he has been my biggest supporter and shoulder to lean on. I am so grateful and thankful that I have him along for the ride in our quest for a healthier lifestyle; and we figure, the healthier we become, the more it will benefit our future children in what we will be able to bring to the table in raising them. Aside from my husband, I have no one in my professional or personal life that shares the same goals and it’s starting to bother  me. This is literally affecting the few friendships that I have. The clearest of examples is that many social rituals revolve around eating and consumption of alcohol; many engage in this kind of behavior with reckless abandon, but not me! What’s a childless person in their late 20’s supposed to do if not that, right?! Wrong. I’m straight edge. I value taking care of myself more than ever. I just wish I had some peers that felt the same way.

So what else is there to do? My husband and I purchased a package of kickboxing classes that we plan on completing together over the summer; I am also secretly hoping that we find people there that we can bond with and share our new lifestyle with.

What about you? Is there anyone else out there that has thoughts on the subject of living a healthier lifestyle despite having peers that aren’t interested in doing so? I would love to hear how anyone else may cope with this issue.

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