This journey will soon come to an end..


So something awful and good happened a few days ago. A phone call. A phone call from an HR department. I can’t reveal specific details until it is official, but a pending full time job is on its way for me. After graduating with my MLIS degree in 2014, finally there is a place for me; but it’s not all good news.

I mourn the part time life that I am soon to lose; that was the whole focus for this blog and my life, to make the most of my schedule by including exercise and healthy meals; I worry that it will be harder for me to keep losing and maintaining my weight. The one tool I can think of right away to help me with this transition is Jenny Craig. I think I will be making the most out of my annual membership by continuing to order breakfast and  lunch items to keep me on track.

The other part of my life that I mourn the loss of is walking away from my current place of employment for the THIRD time. The library I am at now has always been my favorite place to work; I like to think that many years from now a position will open up for me and I will end up here indefinitely- this is the place I want to retire from someday.

Lastly, that photo at the beginning of my post. My husband and I have planned a week long vacation in the pacific northwest- planned as in flights have been booked and paid for. I can only hope that this new job offer won’t interfere with our plans. I hope to have it all- a nice vacation with my husband so I can start my new job refreshed and not wanting to take a vacation while still on probation!

We’ll see how this all plays out.

Stay tuned for the official job announcement 🙂

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